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Real-life lighting advice and teaching for all

Whether you are an interior designer or homeowner, this resource is where you will begin to learn about lighting design online. For the beginner to professional, explore our resouces and equip yourself with the lighting skills you need to make your space look great.

In Ground Uplighting Consultation

In Ground Uplighting Case Study, revealing design plans and uplighting tips for small spaces with this real life example

Tips on Lighting Large Spaces

Explaining how to light a vaulted ceiling, how to light large volume spaces well retaining contrast, how to seamlessly integrate lights into oak framed builds.

10 Tips on How to Light a Space with a High Ceiling

Learn how to choose the best lighting for a large room with a high, vaulted ceiling, considering function, style, size, placement, control and many more tips.

10 Most Effective Lighting Techniques for Great Interiors

Demonstrating the 10 most effective lighting design techniques to create the very best interior designs, layering with light for ambiance and functionality.

10 Most Effective Lights to Create Great Interiors

Inspiring you with what the 10 most effective modern lighting products are and how they can be used to create great interior designs.

The Best of LiGHT22

A round up of the best product and insights from the only dedicated lighting specification show

Are You Publishing Enough?

How good is your design related online profile? A good digital footprint is essential, as established design related publishers we can help with your content.

Do Downlights Need To Be Fire Rated?

How are downlighters fire rated and when does a downlight need to be fire rated, quick briefing. Real case study where non fire rated downlights were disputed.

Is Solar Lighting Ready for Designers?

We ask if solar lighting is good enough now for designers to use confidently – with test example garden.

A Lighter Way to Choose & Design

Let lighting design be simpler with the resources of Orange Lighting behind you. Successful design implementation is dependant upon the people around you.

Visual Comfort @ London Hilton Curio Collection

A touch of luxury and glamour from the Visual Comfort lighting UK collection at 100 Queen’s Gate Hotel London, Curio Collection by Hilton. A useful case study.

Using Reflected Light in Interior Design

Learn how important reflected lighting is in interior design with tips & how to’s on the use of coffered lighting, shadow gaps and wall washing.

The Perfect Glow

Andrew Orange writes for Darc Magazine 2014, on the incredible material of porcelain that transforms any space by bathing it in a convivial honey like glow

How to Light a Kitchen: A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to create your own kitchen lighting design in an easy to understand step by step guide from a lighting design professional. Light a kitchen as a Pro.

5 Top Tips For Great Kitchen Lighting

Spare a few moments and learn from a designers top 5 tips on how to improve your kitchen’s lighting.

Adopting a New Position

Lighting design demands creativity, sensitivity to three dimensional space and a great knowledge of product. Join us to invest in your own lighting skills

Nobu – Monte Carlo

During these hot Summer days and nights – my thoughts drift back to a wonderful project – designing the lighting […]

Understand How a LED Downlighter Works

Downlighting is a fundamental lighting technique to master, so understanding how a downlight works is essential. An LED downlight’s component parts explained.

5 Top Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Interior

Watch & learn 5 key ways to practically transform your next projects lighting into a professional design. Easy to Understand Essential Lighting Skills for all.

How to Use LED Downlighters : Tea Break Tip Video

Downlighting is a fundamental lighting technique to master. Watch & learn 4 key ways to successfully include downlighters in your next lighting design.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning as professional designers has the double edged sword of opportunity and necessity. Nice if we have the time, […]

Lighting Design Shortcut: Our Key Questions to Get Ahead.

Grab a head start to your lighting design with our shortcut to the key questions we ask all clients when starting a new project. Learn from our experience.

Understanding Lighting & Mood: Take Control of Your Interior

Light has the power to change our mood. Understand how your lighting choices can benefit the users of a space at night and take control of your interior.

Faceless Business

We are not a faceless business. With regret we are all witnessing the decimation of the High St as the […]

Tailor-made Lighting Services

Orange Lighting collaborate with designers and home owners to tailor their needs to a solution and the right lighting suppliers.

How to Design a Lighting Scheme Without a Flat Ceiling

Following our guide to designing the lighting for interiors that are visually complicated, reveals that the intricacy of the build creates more opportunities.

Voice Activated Lighting Control: Where to Begin.

Smart lighting integration into interiors should be embraced but what impact does it have on your traditional lighting set up and choices? A designer’s guide.

End of Year Round-up and into 2018!

Well, it has been a momentous year for lighting! I agree with many of the industry pundits and think we […]

What is LED Lighting that Warms Up When Dimmed Down?

Before LED became the dominant lighting source, dimming low voltage lights warmed up when dimmed. Understand LED technology that mimics low voltage warm dimming

Enhance the Reds in Interiors: Understand R9 in LED Lighting

Do not assume LED lighting recreates perfect colouring in interiors. Learn how to enhance all colours that include RED by choosing lighting with high R9 values.

How to Use In Ground Uplighters

Learning how to use and choose in-ground uplighters will enhance any lighting scheme. Quick tips on how, where and what to specify for LED in ground uplights.

Trimless Recessed Lighting Fully Explained: How, What and Tips.

Trimless recessed LED lighting creates a seamless integration of light within the architecture. Trimless lights explained with tips on installation and uses.

Video: Lighting Controls Explained

Do not be afraid of learning more about lighting controls. Easy intro into managing the integration of your lighting into the right controls solution.


During these hot Summer days and nights – my thoughts drift back to a wonderful project – designing the lighting […]

Good Lighting Control Will Improve Your Interior Design & Income.

It’s time to propose better lighting controls. Learn from interviews with a designer & a controls specialist – embrace a revenue opportunity & better solution

A Guide To Lighting Tiled Bathrooms: Lessons in Reflectance.

Although identical colours, 3D tiles look lighter than flat tiling in artificial light. Learn to harmonise colouring through reflectance and lighting contrast

Lighting Reflectance Explained within Interiors

A better understanding of Reflected Light in a space will greatly benefit every other choice made about the colour & type of surfaces & the type of light we use

Emergency Lighting Intro & Essentials

Keeping the occupants of an interior safe is a critical concern to all designers. A quick briefing on emergency lighting fundamentals for all designers.

Create a Better Interior with Strong Contrasting Lighting

As we emulate the naturally occurring feature of contrast & apply it as an element within our built spaces, we will improve the look and feel of our interiors.

Brass is Back – Antique Finishes Make a Comeback

Antique brass finishes on modern classic styled decorative lighting made a comeback when interior design began to reflect the past as much as the future.

How to Light a Picture

Exploring the best techniques to illuminate wall hung pictures & artwork, including the best methods and lighting specifications
for great results.

Lighting For Restaurant Dining

Learn the keys to successful restaurant lighting & how to create the perfect ambience to dine in. Lighting for restaurants best practise & techniques.

INTERVIEW: James Bassant – Astro Lighting

As a designer, you probably have specified an Astro lighting product at some time. In a new series of interviews […]

Quick Guide to How Light Affects Our Body.

Anyone choosing lighting can now understand how light will directly affect the human body. Harness the power of red and blue coloured light in offices and homes

5 Top Designer Tips on Choosing a Chandelier

Design tips for a real guide on how to choose the best ceiling light or chandelier for your space. Be competent with sizing, drop heights, scale & shape advice

VIDEO: Review of LED Vintage Lamps

It would seem the Edwardian legacy of squirrel cage filaments are here to stay, given the enduring popularity of the […]

LED Strip: Is it Safe to Dim?

It appears that we have travelled a long distance in a short time with LED. Given its success as a […]

How to Light a Dining Room

In most family homes the dining room has experienced a major transformation. In Victorian and Edwardian Villas, dining was designed […]

Hue and CRI as TM-30 takes over!

Perhaps the last vestige of the incandescent and fluorescent era is about to disappear and we all have to adapt […]

Never Over-light Again

As a designer and promoter of light – it may seem surprising that I raise the topic of too much […]