VIDEO: Review of LED Vintage Lamps

It would seem the Edwardian legacy of squirrel cage filaments are here to stay, given the enduring popularity of the style. Lamps with an Edison look seem well suited to the heritage industrial interiors favoured by bars and restaurants across the country.

As ‘visible’ light sources, these filament GLS lamps are attractive to the eye, however, like all businesses, leisure, and entertainment outlets remain vigilant on cost. Conventional squirrel cage lamps offer low levels of light output for high energy input which is exacerbated by this style of pendant being suspended in groups or cascades for the desired effect, which also adds to the expense.

So an LED substitute was an obvious solution but apart from the shape of the glass, the internal LED filaments have struggled to match the refinement of the original fine strands of filament.

The next generation of LED filaments brings an improvement for energy efficient vintage style lamps that offer the authentic ambience and an improved appearance towards the first electric lights.

Integral LED’s Sunset range is a good example of a new generation of LED retro lamp. A new wave of LED innovation that has enabled longer filaments which in turn has produced a more authentic legacy look.

Their range includes large sphere through to conventional globes and an original Edison inspired ST64 or squirrel cage light.

All the lamps are enclosed in amber glass to replicate the vintage warm glow – these are 1800K giving you a the look of a dimmed tungsten filament lamp and it delivers 85% energy savings

The Sunset lamps are powered by a mere 2.5W and have effectively combined vintage looks with A+ rated energy credentials.

Integral LED also claims that the lamps have an average lifespan of 15,000 hours which is up to 5X longer than many decorative filament bulbs on the market which is ideal for the demands of commercial lighting.

We can supply these lights for your next Bar, Restaurant or Leisure project – call us for a price!

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