How to Choose

The Perfect Glow

Andrew Orange writes for Darc Magazine 2014, on the incredible material of porcelain that transforms any space by bathing it in a convivial honey like glow

5 Top Tips For Great Kitchen Lighting

Spare a few moments and learn from a designers top 5 tips on how to improve your kitchen’s lighting.

How to Use In Ground Uplighters

Learning how to use and choose in-ground uplighters will enhance any lighting scheme. Quick tips on how, where and what to specify for LED in ground uplights.

Trimless Recessed Lighting Fully Explained: How, What and Tips.

Trimless recessed LED lighting creates a seamless integration of light within the architecture. Trimless lights explained with tips on installation and uses.

Brass is Back – Antique Finishes Make a Comeback

Antique brass finishes on modern classic styled decorative lighting made a comeback when interior design began to reflect the past as much as the future.

5 Top Designer Tips on Choosing a Chandelier

Design tips for a real guide on how to choose the best ceiling light or chandelier for your space. Be competent with sizing, drop heights, scale & shape advice

VIDEO: Review of LED Vintage Lamps

It would seem the Edwardian legacy of squirrel cage filaments are here to stay, given the enduring popularity of the […]

LED Strip: Is it Safe to Dim?

It appears that we have travelled a long distance in a short time with LED. Given its success as a […]

Downlighters Explained

Designers and suppliers Orange Lighting announcing their Lighting Essentials Toolbox to help you tackle the techie side of your next […]

Seamless Lighting: The Integrated Plaster-in Lighting Revolution

Seamless Lighting is created by integrating trimless light fixtures into the fabric of a building & interior. Learn more about this clean contemporary style.

Alternative to Downlights

Taking a look at creative alternatives to using downlighters exploring lighting options to replace the use of a downlight