How to Choose

Is Solar Lighting Ready for Designers?

We ask if solar lighting is good enough now for designers to use confidently – with test example garden.

A Lighter Way to Choose & Design

Let lighting design be simpler with the resources of Orange Lighting behind you. Successful design implementation is dependant upon the people around you.

The Perfect Glow

Andrew Orange writes for Darc Magazine 2014, on the incredible material of porcelain that transforms any space by bathing it in a convivial honey like glow

5 Top Tips For Great Kitchen Lighting

Spare a few moments and learn from a designers top 5 tips on how to improve your kitchen’s lighting.

How to Use In Ground Uplighters

Learning how to use and choose in-ground uplighters will enhance any lighting scheme. Quick tips on how, where and what to specify for LED in ground uplights.

Trimless Recessed Lighting Fully Explained: How, What and Tips.

Trimless recessed LED lighting creates a seamless integration of light within the architecture. Trimless lights explained with tips on installation and uses.

Brass is Back – Antique Finishes Make a Comeback

Antique brass finishes on modern classic styled decorative lighting made a comeback when interior design began to reflect the past as much as the future.

5 Top Designer Tips on Choosing a Chandelier

Design tips for a real guide on how to choose the best ceiling light or chandelier for your space. Be competent with sizing, drop heights, scale & shape advice

VIDEO: Review of LED Vintage Lamps

It would seem the Edwardian legacy of squirrel cage filaments are here to stay, given the enduring popularity of the […]

LED Strip: Is it Safe to Dim?

It appears that we have travelled a long distance in a short time with LED. Given its success as a […]

Downlighters Explained

Designers and suppliers Orange Lighting announcing their Lighting Essentials Toolbox to help you tackle the techie side of your next […]

Seamless Lighting: The Integrated Plaster-in Lighting Revolution

Seamless Lighting is created by integrating trimless light fixtures into the fabric of a building & interior. Learn more about this clean contemporary style.

Alternative to Downlights

Taking a look at creative alternatives to using downlighters exploring lighting options to replace the use of a downlight