How to Light

In Ground Uplighting Consultation

In Ground Uplighting Case Study, revealing design plans and uplighting tips for small spaces with this real life example

Tips on Lighting Large Spaces

Explaining how to light a vaulted ceiling, how to light large volume spaces well retaining contrast, how to seamlessly integrate lights into oak framed builds.

10 Tips on How to Light a Space with a High Ceiling

Learn how to choose the best lighting for a large room with a high, vaulted ceiling, considering function, style, size, placement, control and many more tips.

10 Most Effective Lighting Techniques for Great Interiors

Demonstrating the 10 most effective lighting design techniques to create the very best interior designs, layering with light for ambiance and functionality.

10 Most Effective Lights to Create Great Interiors

Inspiring you with what the 10 most effective modern lighting products are and how they can be used to create great interior designs.

How to Light a Kitchen: A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to create your own kitchen lighting design in an easy to understand step by step guide from a lighting design professional. Light a kitchen as a Pro.

5 Top Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Interior

Watch & learn 5 key ways to practically transform your next projects lighting into a professional design. Easy to Understand Essential Lighting Skills for all.

How to Use LED Downlighters : Tea Break Tip Video

Downlighting is a fundamental lighting technique to master. Watch & learn 4 key ways to successfully include downlighters in your next lighting design.

Understanding Lighting & Mood: Take Control of Your Interior

Light has the power to change our mood. Understand how your lighting choices can benefit the users of a space at night and take control of your interior.

A Guide To Lighting Tiled Bathrooms: Lessons in Reflectance.

Although identical colours, 3D tiles look lighter than flat tiling in artificial light. Learn to harmonise colouring through reflectance and lighting contrast

Create a Better Interior with Strong Contrasting Lighting

As we emulate the naturally occurring feature of contrast & apply it as an element within our built spaces, we will improve the look and feel of our interiors.

How to Light a Picture

Exploring the best techniques to illuminate wall hung pictures & artwork, including the best methods and lighting specifications
for great results.

Lighting For Restaurant Dining

Learn the keys to successful restaurant lighting & how to create the perfect ambience to dine in. Lighting for restaurants best practise & techniques.

How to Light a Dining Room

In most family homes the dining room has experienced a major transformation. In Victorian and Edwardian Villas, dining was designed […]

Never Over-light Again

As a designer and promoter of light – it may seem surprising that I raise the topic of too much […]

How to Light Mirrors

Since ancient times mirrors have been a priority feature of interior living. They fulfil a functional need for self-portrayal but […]

How to Use Uplighters & Marker Lights

If we can paint with light within an interior, then accent lighting represents the very brush strokes that we use […]

How to Light Mega Spaces

The challenge of lighting a mega space may not present itself very often but arguably it will become more commonplace. […]