How to Light

How to Light a Kitchen: A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to create your own kitchen lighting design in an easy to understand step by step guide from a lighting design professional. Light a kitchen as a Pro.

5 Top Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Interior

Watch & learn 5 key ways to practically transform your next projects lighting into a professional design. Easy to Understand Essential Lighting Skills for all.

How to Use LED Downlighters : Tea Break Tip Video

Downlighting is a fundamental lighting technique to master. Watch & learn 4 key ways to successfully include downlighters in your next lighting design.

Understanding Lighting & Mood: Take Control of Your Interior

Light has the power to change our mood. Understand how your lighting choices can benefit the users of a space at night and take control of your interior.

A Guide To Lighting Tiled Bathrooms: Lessons in Reflectance.

Although identical colours, 3D tiles look lighter than flat tiling in artificial light. Learn to harmonise colouring through reflectance and lighting contrast

Create a Better Interior with Strong Contrasting Lighting

As we emulate the naturally occurring feature of contrast & apply it as an element within our built spaces, we will improve the look and feel of our interiors.

How to Light a Picture

Exploring the best techniques to illuminate wall hung pictures & artwork, including the best methods and lighting specifications
for great results.

Lighting For Restaurant Dining

Learn the keys to successful restaurant lighting & how to create the perfect ambience to dine in. Lighting for restaurants best practise & techniques.

How to Light a Dining Room

In most family homes the dining room has experienced a major transformation. In Victorian and Edwardian Villas, dining was designed […]

Never Over-light Again

As a designer and promoter of light – it may seem surprising that I raise the topic of too much […]

How to Light Mirrors

Since ancient times mirrors have been a priority feature of interior living. They fulfil a functional need for self-portrayal but […]

How to Use Uplighters & Marker Lights

If we can paint with light within an interior, then accent lighting represents the very brush strokes that we use […]

How to Light Mega Spaces

The challenge of lighting a mega space may not present itself very often but arguably it will become more commonplace. […]