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Adopting a New Position

Lighting design demands creativity, sensitivity to three dimensional space and a great knowledge of product. Join us to invest in your own lighting skills

Understand How a LED Downlighter Works: Downlights Explained

Downlighting is a fundamental lighting technique to master, so understanding how a downlight works is essential. An LED downlight’s component parts explained.

5 Top Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Interior

Watch & learn 5 key ways to practically transform your next projects lighting into a professional design. Easy to Understand Essential Lighting Skills for all.

Lighting Design Shortcut: Our Key Questions to Get Ahead.

Grab a head start to your lighting design with our shortcut to the key questions we ask all clients when starting a new project. Learn from our experience.

How to Design a Lighting Scheme Without a Flat Ceiling

Following our guide to designing the lighting for interiors that are visually complicated, reveals that the intricacy of the build creates more opportunities.

Do Downlights Need To Be Fire Rated?

How are downlighters fire rated and when does a downlight need to be fire rated, quick briefing. Real case study where non fire rated downlights were disputed.

What is LED Lighting that Warms Up When Dimmed Down?

Before LED became the dominant lighting source, dimming low voltage lights warmed up when dimmed. Understand LED technology that mimics low voltage warm dimming

Enhance the Reds in Interiors: Understand R9 in LED Lighting

Do not assume LED lighting recreates perfect colouring in interiors. Learn how to enhance all colours that include RED by choosing lighting with high R9 values.