Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning as professional designers has the double edged sword of opportunity and necessity. Nice if we have the time, foolish if we do not make it.

The term Continuing Professional Development within our industry has at least allowed us all to say that our competence comes from the mindset of not knowing enough, rather than knowing it all already. So the door to learning more remains widely open.

However, there is the rub! With so many doors to go through to keep abreast of change in so many fields, as designers you have to master the art of grab and run – darting through each door and running out with armfuls of info to hopefully read at a later date.

As the gatekeeper to our (not biased) very important door of lighting design and supply – I want to ensure each visit remains brief but beneficial and as it’s an Orange door – fruitful!

Each raid you make must yield more ‘how to’ -design, & ‘by using what product’ -supply. That way you build your knowledge based in the reality of real life application.

What is important to you?

Your contribution is essential to help shape our content to suit you and the other time poor designers who read this blog.

So here is our ONE question survey!

What do you want to learn more about lighting design?

We would love to hear from you personally – use our contact form found here

I look forward to reading your answers but for now – grab these goodies and run.


Last week’s issue was on Light & Mood – if you missed it you refer back to it her


As independent consultants and suppliers, we go where we please; building relationships with the manufacturers who understand our needs can favorably help us to supply their product to you the trade buyer. A shortlist of key companies are on our homepage but that’s not an exhaustive list and it adapts to cater to your project requirements. So ask if you do not see what you need.

For a quick (1:49min) and effective whizz around a great collection of beautifully designed contemporary lighting amongst some equally good looking Mediterranean visitors to the recent Euroluce Lighting show in Milan – here is the Spanish manufacturer Vibia, ask us for trade prices.

Thanks for contributing.

Andrew Orange, the owner of Orange Lighting qualified and worked as an interior designer in 1993 before specialising in lighting working on high profile projects based in London. Since starting Orange Lighting Ltd in 2003 he has been sharing his knowledge and unique teaching style mostly to his designer clients, offering practical real life advice born from running a busy consultancy and lighting supply business. Launching in 2020, his blog has evolved into Quick & Easy Lighting, curating some 25 years design experience into making the lighting choice and design process achievable and easy to understand for all.