Getting Started

Using Reflected Light in Interior Design

Learn how important reflected lighting is in interior design with tips & how to’s on the use of coffered lighting, shadow gaps and wall washing.

How to Light a Kitchen: A Step By Step Guide

Learn how to create your own kitchen lighting design in an easy to understand step by step guide from a lighting design professional. Light a kitchen as a Pro.

Understand How a LED Downlighter Works

Downlighting is a fundamental lighting technique to master, so understanding how a downlight works is essential. An LED downlight’s component parts explained.

5 Top Lighting Design Tips to Transform Your Interior

Watch & learn 5 key ways to practically transform your next projects lighting into a professional design. Easy to Understand Essential Lighting Skills for all.

Tailor-made Lighting Services

Orange Lighting collaborate with designers and home owners to tailor their needs to a solution and the right lighting suppliers.

Voice Activated Lighting Control: Where to Begin.

Smart lighting integration into interiors should be embraced but what impact does it have on your traditional lighting set up and choices? A designer’s guide.

Enhance the Reds in Interiors: Understand R9 in LED Lighting

Do not assume LED lighting recreates perfect colouring in interiors. Learn how to enhance all colours that include RED by choosing lighting with high R9 values.

How to Use In Ground Uplighters

Learning how to use and choose in-ground uplighters will enhance any lighting scheme. Quick tips on how, where and what to specify for LED in ground uplights.

Trimless Recessed Lighting Fully Explained: How, What and Tips.

Trimless recessed LED lighting creates a seamless integration of light within the architecture. Trimless lights explained with tips on installation and uses.

How to Light a Picture

Exploring the best techniques to illuminate wall hung pictures & artwork, including the best methods and lighting specifications
for great results.

Lighting For Restaurant Dining

Learn the keys to successful restaurant lighting & how to create the perfect ambience to dine in. Lighting for restaurants best practise & techniques.

How to Use Uplighters & Marker Lights

If we can paint with light within an interior, then accent lighting represents the very brush strokes that we use […]

Alternative to Downlights

Taking a look at creative alternatives to using downlighters exploring lighting options to replace the use of a downlight