You have discovered the actual manufacturers of the lighting ranges for Ralph Lauren, AERIN, Kelly Wearstler, Kate Spade and many more! The design world have been raving about this impressive and useful range of lighting designed by some heavy weight names in the US interior design industry and now you can have access too.

Visual Comfort & Co. are one of America’s largest decorative lighting manufacturers and a large part of their range is now readily available for sale and use in the UK and EU markets, made possible by Visual Comfort Europe based here in the UK and distributed through us at Orange Lighting.

Let us show you what all the fuss has been about!


Visual Comfort UK

Quick Access to Visual Comfort Lighting UK

Whether you are in the design profession or looking for yourself, we can help you choose and procure Visual Comfort lighting in the UK and EU.

Held in stock in the UK with Visual Comfort Europe, we invite you to discover the incredible designs for yourself. For an exhaustive search we want to show you the full collection wired for UK and EU, accessed only through a restricted access website. Get immediate access through the button below and then Contact Us with your choices for an obligation free quotation.

How to Buy Visual Comfort Lighting

You can buy Visual Comfort’s UK and EU range through us at Orange Lighting Ltd, specialists in hospitality and residential lighting supply and design.

To see it all we recommend you jump right in and log into the website or for a quick overview on what’s available you can start right here to see the categories available within the collection here on our website and then progress onto the full range.

Do You Have an Enquiry?

When you find a product you like and have a list of your own favourites, simply email it to us or use the button below for quick pricing. Be sure to tell us who you are and the nature of your enquiry and we will offer you the best price we can.


For Designers & Architects

Orange Lighting have long standing successful relationships with many designers and specifiers who rely upon our attention to detail to ensure each order is run as professionally as possible, from quote to purchase order to staged deliveries.

Interior designers and architects are our primary clients with generous trade discounts offered. If your primary source of income is interior design or lighting specification, let us know who you are, what you are interested in for your current project and we’ll create a trade quotation if appropriate.

“We have been pleased to count upon Orange Lighting as a valued Supplier for many years now. They have a broad range of high quality light fittings and are always very helpful and communicative. We would wholly recommend their excellent service to other Designers.”

Felicity Young, Senior Designer. October 2021

For Homeowners & Business

We work directly with anyone who is interested! From someone who finds a product somewhere on the internet and wants to buy it for the UK or uses the login to choose from the range. We are delighted to receive your enquiries and are in position to offer you great pricing.

Visual Comfort Lighting

Visual Comfort are expert manufacturer’s of lighting that are trusted by the best of the USA’s fashion and interior designers to create their own signature lighting ranges. Orange Lighting have been providing the lighting from these household names to the UK market from the early days of a European range becoming available.

Ralph Lauren Lighting

Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren Home both have incredibly unique lighting collections designed to suit the modern classic interior and are now available direct to the UK market for everyone through Orange Lighting.

Contact us for Ralph Lauren Lighting at trade prices for the interior designer and specifier.

AERIN Lighting

Aerin Lighting UK from Visual Comfort

The AERIN lighting collection with Visual Comfort & Co. is inspired by old world glamour and European midcentury design. Classic, but always with a modern point of view, every piece is created to make life more beautiful, with a sense of ease and refinement.

Aerin Lauder has an incredible collection of lighting that simply completes a room. AERIN lighting is manufactured by Visual Comfort and available through Orange Lighting to the UK interior design and retail markets.

Indicative Lighting examples

Kelly Wearstler Lighting

kelly wearstler lighting uk from visual comfort

Kelly Wearstler’s global luxury lifestyle brand is renowned for its distinctive designs and signature soulful vibe. With a style that juxtaposes raw with refined, melds color, sophistication and spirited spontaneity, Wearstler has revolutionised the look, feel and meaning of modern American design.

Celebrated American designer Kelly Wearstler has a luxurious modern design style that simply looks incredible in UK residential and hospitality projects. If you are looking for something unique just not found from the usual lighting manufacturers, be sure to check out any lighting from kelly wearstler and you will be hooked!

Kelly wearstler lighting is manufactured by Visual Comfort and available through Orange Lighting to the UK interior design and retail markets.

Indicative Lighting examples

kate spade Lighting

kate spade lighting uk from visual comfort

kate spade is a name and brand that is becoming increasingly familiar to the UK shopper with now over 300 stores worldwide specialising in home and fashion accessories.

kate spade new york create modern unique lamps and lighting that suit both contemporary and classical UK interiors. kate spade lighting is manufactured by Visual Comfort & Co. and available direct to the UK market through Orange Lighting.

Indicative Lighting examples

Other Visual Comfort Designers

These are the rest of the Visual Comfort designers who have or will be considered to have lighting that is wired for 230V and for use in the UK.

Visual Comfort Europe

Visual Comfort & Co. knew that by launching their UK office, Visual Comfort Europe, they could more readily provide the lighting that many designers were already importing, and establish the growing interest in their ranges here in the UK and into Europe.

Their lighting is sold through carefully selected distributors – like us – to the design industry, through some independant retailers with showrooms and direct to some high volume specifiers.

Visual Comfort Trade

Orange Lighting organise the procurement of larger quantities of Visual Comfort Lighting for UK & EU hospitality and residential projects. Typically working with the specifier and interior designer, we help specify the lighting schedule with full quotation to suit the evolving design and oversee the deliveries on behalf of our clients.

How fast are Visual Comfort UK Deliveries?

Stocked products for UK mainland addresses vary between a few days and a week once paid for, depending on the volume of orders currently being processed. Product is constantly on it’s way into the UK to fulfil current orders and to replenish stock, so if an item isn’t immediately available it could well be only a matter of weeks away.

Where are Visual Comfort Based?

Since 1987, Visual Comfort have been a premier resource of signature designer decorative lighting based in the USA. Visual Comfort are lighting manufacturer’s with their head office in the USA and a European office based here in the UK.

Where is Visual Comfort Lighting Made?

The majority of the lighting ranges are designed in the USA and manufactured overseas. The range encompasses high quality materials made and forged to exacting standards. The destination country of a particular order will determine how the product is wired.

Is Visual Comfort Lighting Wired for the UK?

Visual Comfort have a lighting range specifically wired and CE certified for UK and EU use at 230V. This is mainly done at the point of manufacture and brought directly into the UK from Asia.

Can American Lighting be Used in the UK & Europe?

Lighting for use in the USA will be wired for 110V with the UK and EU requiring 230V.

However, Visual Comfort lighting sold in the UK is ready for use at 230V but if you wanted to use an american lighting fitting in the UK then yes it can but only if it has been rewired to suit the European voltage and be careful to ensure it has been done to suit CE standards.

Is all the Visual Comfort Lighting Range Available in the UK?

Visual Comfort’s full range of lighting is currently only available wired for the USA at 110V. A large proportion of the range including the most popular product lines are selected for the UK and EU market, wired at 230V and held in small batched quantities here in the UK.

Can a Visual Comfort Light Be Rewired for UK use If Only Stocked in the USA?

As not all the Visual Comfort range is stocked for the UK, so you may find a light fixture only available in the USA that you know will be perfect for your project. On a case by case basis only, any light from the full range stocked in the USA can be investigated into to see if it can be rewired for UK & EU use. Any rewiring is chargeable and will be subject to air freight and duty costs plus the usual UK delivery cost.

How to See the Whole Visual Comfort Range from the UK

Online access to Visual Comfort through us will show you everything available to a UK customer. The only way to see the entire range would be to visit other american website’s that carry their ranges.

Is Visual Comfort’s Bathroom Lighting IP44 rated?

There are so many light fixtures in the range that look perfect for bathrooms but can they be used over a sink or near a shower? EU and UK regulations state that a lighting fixture must be IP44 rated if installed within Zone 2, which is a 600mm radius over a sink or within 600mm of a shower or bath or within 2.25m over a bath or shower with a fixed shower head or IP65 if the shower has a directional shower head.

American and EU regulations differ for the protection against the ingress of moisture into an electrical product such as a light fitting. Visual Comfort’s UK bathroom styled lighting is not suitable for use in Zone 2 of a bathroom without further upgrading to an IP44 rating, which thankfully is a service offered by Visual Comfort here in the UK.

IP65 upgrades are not available.

How to See if a Visual Comfort Light can be Upgraded to IP44

Once logged into the website you will see that typically suitable light fixtures for bathrooms may carry a notice that they are also available to be upgraded to IP44. This will be done here in the UK prior to delivery and carry’s a surcharge per lampholder.

For example, a small version of a light fixture will have 1 qty lampholder but a Medium and Large size contain 2 qty lampholders. It will cost more to upgrade the larger sizes.

Visual Comfort Product Page

Access to a product page is made once logged into the Visual Comfort website. Login details can be found here and will be given immediately once you have registered for online access.

Example Product Page Explained

Product Availability

Looking at the Columns within the Availability Table on the product page:

How to Access a Visual Comfort Data Sheet

Spec Sheet: Every product has its own data sheetwhich includes a dimensioned drawing of the light. Log into the website and on the bottom right of each product page you will see a

CAD Blocks for Visual Comfort Lighting

CAD Block: For your convenience each product has a scaled outline drawing available as a file which can easily added to your CAD software – to save you the effort of trying to quickly draw your own version.

Weights and Measurements

The shipping weights and carton measurements are available from the Visual Comfort product page. Use the combined carton weights as an estimate of the whole product weight for installation guidance.

Visual Comfort Orange Lighting

Orange Lighting have been designers and suppliers of lighting to the interior design industry and discerning homeowners since 2003. Our owner Andrew Orange has over 25 years of high end lighting supply experience including working for a bespoke lighting manufacturer based in London’s Chelsea Harbour.

Orange Lighting are a major independent distributor and supplier of Visual Comfort Lighting to the UK retail and design sectors. We are trusted by many within the London interior design community to arrange the supply of their lighting schemes who have increasingly favoured the growing range of lighting as a refreshing injection of brave modern classical style to the UK interior design scene.

All interest in Visual Comfort Lighting is welcomed.

Visual Comfort Circa Lighting

Circa Lighting UK

Circa Lighting in the USA have been seen as the retail face of Visual Comfort as their website has a similar look and carries alot of the range, but they are just distributors like us.

If you are looking for Circa Lighting UK then much of the lighting found on their website is actually made by Visual Comfort from which a large selection is available wired for the UK and EU.

If you find a product on Circa Lighting then send us the product code and name and we will see if it is available for the UK through Visual Comfort. If only available in the USA it may be possible to rewire it for UK use.

Circa Lighting London

Confusion continues between these two companies as there is a showroom in London that displays some Visual Comfort product which we of course supply direct too.

Who Owns Circa Lighting?

The name “Circa Lighting” will be familiar to those who love the clean, modern looks of today’s lighting. This is due in part to Circa’s origins as a spin-off from Visual Comfort Lighting when in 1998 when Gale Singer, who once worked for VC, began her own independent retail facing company.


What is a French Wired Lamp?

Visual Comfort describe some of their table lighting as ‘french wired’, so just what is this method of wiring and is it suitable for use in the UK?

A French Wired Lamp is a light fixture, usually a table light, that has the power cable entry directly into the side of the lampholder at the base of bulb rather than a hidden internal route up through the base. A french wired style of connection has the electrical cord hanging loosely down the outside of the light fixture and is an acceptable method for UK use. For example, AERIN’s Cannes Table Light below is french wired as the base is clear glass.

Why do Some American Wall Lights have Decorative Solid Cable Entries?

This allows for a tidy loose electrical power cord to enter the backplate of the wall light, with the fixture plugged into a 13 amp wall socket. UK use of this style is largely not accepted so if a product is seen with a solid rod cable entry it will most likely not be delivered with it in the box.

Do Visual Comfort Lights use LED Lighting?

Most decorative lighting manufacturer’s rely upon the basic technology of lampholders so the choice of LED as a light source is down to the owner. However, linear shaped light fixtures do look better with linear light sources as they evenly illuminate a diffuser rather than have lighting hot spots typically seen from lamps in lampholders.

Visual Comfort do have some dedicated LED linear sources of light in their new products but be careful if the product needs to be dimmed once installed. Always check to see if a dedicated LED source in a light fixture has a dimmable power supply and ensure it is compatible with the projects dimming system.

Where to Buy Visual Comfort Lighting UK

Buy Visual Comfort lighting for the UK through Orange Lighting, the experienced long standing dealer in high quality decorative lighting to the design industry and discerning homeowners and businesses.

Access the UK range here:

Telephone Enquires: +44 (0) 203 475 8488