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The design world and homeowners across the world have loved AERIN’s designs, inspired by old world glamour and European mid century styling. A blend of classic aesthetics with a modern voice, each piece is created to make your interior more beautiful with a sense of refinement and ease.

AERIN Lighting is made by Visual Comfort and available to the UK through Orange Lighting to designers and homeowners alike.


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You can buy direct from the Aerin Lighting Collection through Orange Lighting Ltd, specialists in hospitality and residential lighting supply and design.

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Indicative Lighting examples

AERIN Lighting UK

AERIN, as a brand , began with a name that’s as unique and compelling as the brand itself. AERIN in Sanskrit means “shadowless,” an apt description for the company because their designs reflect light in its truest form: in soft, muted tones and layered textures.

This design brand is committed to producing beautiful lighting that will both enhance the most discerning interiors and delight generations of owners, dedicated to creating designs that will delight for years to come.

The range is typically divided into the categories:

Lighting Sconces

The modern sophisticated style in the range of Aerin Lighting Sconces draws upon sculptural form as a core aesthetic. The opportunity to introduce Decorative lighting into a space introduces a wonderful addition to both traditional and modern rooms.

Selfoss Wall Light WZ_ARN2036BLK
Selfoss Sconce

From the understated Selfoss Sconces that wrap metal to look like free flowing paper, to the alabaster sconces that diffuse light through an ancient stone that warms the light to a convivial glow.

Bathroom Vanity Lights

Style is a unique combination of beauty and practicality. They believe it is this balance which ensures enduring appeal, and their bathroom vanity lights are no exception.

Rosehill Linear Wall WZ_ARN2013PNWG
Rosehill Sconce

AERIN’s bathroom vanity lights are both stylish and functional, adding a touch of glamour that will enhance any bathroom space with the least amount of effort. By following the principle that less is truly more, this leading brand has created the perfect balance to exude beauty and luxury.

Linear Sconce

The Linear light fixtures within the range brings together hand-blown glass and metal together in a modern linear form to always create an impactful lighting sculpture.

AERIN Lighting Pendants

The pendant designs allow you to bring the highest end of style into your home.

Whenever a light fixture is hung in a space the opportunity to make an impact is created. This collection of ceiling lights offer a range of pendant fixtures in a modern classic style with modern play on shape and form and quality material finishes.


Aerin’s chandeliers add a touch of the ethereal and the exotic to your home. She believes that achieving this level of beauty while balancing practicality is the key, and they achieve this through implementing unique design ideas with quality materials and finishes.

Do not think chandelier means traditional. The mix of strong shape and form with the traditional materials of ceramic and brass are outstanding and will become the focal point to any room.

Table Lights

AERIN table lights maximise the opportunities that table lighting brings, to introduce a decorative piece that compliments or blends with the space. Beautifully restrained, the strength of each table light is it’s shape and finish.

The success of this range lies in it’s confidence to be understated yet bold. Each design is produced with a love of material and finish complimenting the fluidity of light.

Floor Lights

AERIN lighting floor lamps and table lamps allow you to create the opportunity to compliment your interior with a decorative piece of lighting that draws upon architectural shapes, fabrics and finishes.

Who is AERIN?

AERIN is a premium brand that began in 1993 by Aerin Lauder and has become renowned for their luxurious furniture, lighting and home furnishings. A leader in residential and commercial projects globally, her design philosophy is to create pieces that allow you to live beautifully.

AERIN Lighting Visual Comfort

AERIN Lighting is brought to you by the American manufacturer Visual Comfort & Co and distributed into the UK through Visual Comfort Europe. Recognised worldwide for flawless craftsmanship and exquisite design. Lighting that combines remarkably diverse materials with an uncompromised sense of style.