Aerin Lighting Sconces: Wall Lights of Distinction

The AERIN brand encompasses everything from fashion to home décor, and one of its most popular offerings is the Aerin Lighting sconce collection. This line of wall lights is designed by Aerin herself and is made by Visual Comfort and distributed in the UK by Orange Lighting through Visual Comfort Europe.

Wall Lights Bath
Rosehill Sconce from the Aerin Lighting Sconce Collection

How to Buy AERIN Lighting Sconces

You can buy Aerin Lighting through us at Orange Lighting Ltd, specialists in hospitality and residential lighting supply and design.

Held in stock in the UK with Visual Comfort Europe, we invite you to discover the incredible designs for yourself. For an exhaustive search we want to show you the full collection wired for UK and EU, accessed only through a restricted access website. Get immediate access through the button below.

The sconces come in a variety of useful styles to suit any interior design scheme, from classic to modern traditional. So if you’re looking for a wall light that will add distinction and style to your home, check out the Aerin Lighting sconce collection!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular styles on offer:

Classic Styles

The classic style Aerin Lighting sconces are based on traditional designs with a modern twist. They feature clean lines and simple shapes, making them ideal for any room in your home.

Iveala Wall Sconce - ARN2039HABALB
Iveala Wall Sconce

The Iveala Wall Sconce is a perfect example of a classic Aerin Lighting sconce. It features a simple round backplate with an arm that extends out to support the light shade. The shade is made of an alabaster, a quarried stone that allows the light to shine through whilst bringing the material to life as it features its own natural markings. Each piece is unique and seen here at a London Hilton Hotel Meeting Room.

Iveala Sconce Queens Gate Hotel
Iveala Wall Sconce in a Hilton Hotel London © Chris Orange Photography

Modern Classic Styles

The modern classic style sconces are a mix of traditional and contemporary design elements. They feature clean lines and simple shapes, but with a more modern look and feel.

Dover Wall Light Bronze WZ_ARN2302AIL
Dover Large Tail Sconce

The Dover Large Tail Sconce in Aged Iron with Linen Shade is a popular choice. The Dover range comes in a variety of finishes and is a great choice for any room in your home, as it will add a touch of elegance and style.

Clemente Wall Light WZ_ARN2024HABBLK
Clemente Wall Light in Black & Antique Brass

The Clemente Wall Light in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass with Black is a modern classic style sconce that features a clean, simple design. The hand-rubbed antique brass finish gives it a touch of luxury, while the black shade adds a bit of drama as a great contrast. The exaggerated funnel like shade is a great way to add interest and style to any room.

Traditional Styles

The traditional style sconces are based on classic designs with a few modern touches. They feature intricate details and ornate shapes, making them perfect for any room in your home.

Hampton Wall Light WZ_ARN2001G
Hampton Wall Light in Gild

The Hampton Wall Light in Gild focuses on the traditional form of the acanthus leaf, much used in historic decoration. The simplicity of its repetition to form the half round wall sconce creates slender lines that give this aged shape a new lease of life.

The Hampton wall light is part of the Aerin lighting collection, which includes a variety of other gilded lighting products.

Modern Traditional Styles

These sconces are a mix of traditional and contemporary design elements. They feature clean lines and simple shapes, but with a more traditional look and feel.

Montreuil Small Wall WZ_ARN2051BSLL
Montreuil Small Wall Sconce

The Montreuil Small Wall Sconce in Burnished Silver Leaf with Linen Shades is a great choice for any room in your home. The sconce features a simple, clean design with 3 arms in a burnished silver leaf finish and linen shades.

The Montreuil sconce is part of a wider family of Aerin Montreuil lighting products.

Bonnington Wall Light WZ_ARN2124PNCG
Bonnington Wall Light

The decorative-styled Bonnington Wall Sconce in Polished Nickel with Crystal is a perfect example of a modern traditional Aerin Lighting sconce. It features a boldly cut glass decorative ‘shade’, princess-like cut akin to a treasured diamond ring.

Sculptural Styles

These Aerin lighting scones feature a play on the form that accentuates features like curves and angles. The sculptural style sconces are beautifully restrained, yet unique and eye-catching that introduce an element of three dimensional art into any interior space.

Selfoss Wall Light WZ_ARN2036BLK
Selfoss Sconce

The Selfoss Sconce in Bronze with Gild Interior is a perfect example of a sculptural sconce. It features a beautifully curved and folded one piece of metal that extends out from the wall and wraps itself around the light source to become the light shade. The gilded interior is a wonderfully sumptuous gold coloured inner lining that is deliberately obscured behind the black formed body, to entice the viewer into a deeper look as it warms up the source by reflecting it’s light as a golden glow.

The Selfoss is available in black and white covers in 2 sizes.

Samos Tall Wall Light WZ_ARN2922GALB
Samos Tall Sconce

The Samos Tall Sculpted Sconce in Gild with Alabaster Shade is a tall, elegant sconce that features a gilded finish with an alabaster shade. The sculpted design of the sconce adds interest and dimension to any room, producing an accent light and feature light in one go.

The Samos range includes a Tall and Small size both in the same colour way.

Bathroom Styles

These sconces are designed with bathrooms in mind but are not restricted to use within damp environments. The IP rating can be upgraded with a surcharge to being it to IP44 standard.

Rosehill Linear Wall WZ_ARN2013PNWG
Samos Tall Sconce

The Rosehill Linear Wall Light in Polished Nickel with White Strie Glass is a beautiful bathroom sconce that features a polished nickel detail and white strie glass. The sconce can be upgraded to an IP rating for use in damp environments, making it perfect for use in your bathroom.

So if you’re looking for a wall light that will add distinction and style to your home, check out the Aerin Lighting sconce collection! With a variety of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your space.