Replacing Orluna Quad50 & Quad70 Downlights

Are you looking for replacements for the legacy Orluna Quad70 and Quad50 downlights? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Orange Lighting are longstanding Orluna distributors to the UK market and have supplied thousands of Quad downlights throughout their time of manufacture.

Quad50 and Quad70 LED Engine

We’ll help you select the best Orluna downlight replacements for your needs, explaining how to understand your existing product specification so we can help you find todays equivalent that will fit in it’s current location.

We’ll cover topics such as light output, cut out holes, design considerations, to ensure you find the perfect product for your project.

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Who are Orluna?

Orluna lighting are a long-standing British manufacturer of downlights, who have supplied thousands of their UK designed and made Quad70 and Quad50 lights to the UK market. They are highly regarded for their build quality and performance.

Orluna Logo at the time Quad Engines were manufactured
Orluna Logo during the Quad Engine Era

Orluna Quad50 LED Downlight

The Quad 50 LED downlight was a direct replacement for the traditional halogen downlight delivering 602 lumens of light output. It was the most popular option as a general LED downlighter.

It featured an integrated LED engine, which provided higher energy efficiency and improved light output compared to the older halogen versions and many other LED products of their time.

The term Quad50 refers to the LED Engine, the part that creates the light and derived it’s ‘quad’ name from the 4 LED chips that were used to create the light. It had a heat sink shaped in side profile like a beehive.

Orluna Quad50 Specification Details

Orluna Quad50 Specification:

Orluna Quad 70 LED Downlight

The Quad 70 LED downlight looked exactly the same as the Quad 50, but it delivered a higher output of light at 810lm.

It also featured an integrated LED engine, which provided an even higher energy efficiency than the Quad50, and improved light output compared to the older low voltage halogen downlighters that were so popular for over 30 years.

The term Quad70 refers to this LED Engine, the part that creates the light and derived it’s ‘quad’ name from the 4 LED chips that were used to create the light. It had a heat sink shaped in side profile like a beehive.

Orluna Quad70 Specification Details

Orluna Quad70 Specification:

Why you might need to replace your Orluna downlights

The Quad LED Engines, known also as the orluna q50 and q70, were manufactured up until 2016 and then phased out being replaced with the Orluna Origin LED engine. These LED engines were designed to provide a useful output of light for 50,000 hours or no less than 30% light loss in them over 5 years.

Projects are now outside of those design parameters and finding replacements is now becoming necessary as the output begins to fade or the LED drivers fail cutting the light out completely.

Orluna Quad Engine Side View
quad LED side view showing ‘beehive’ shaped heat sink profile

Considerations Replacing Orluna Quad 70 & Quad 50 Downlights

When looking for a suitable Orluna downlight alternative to replace the legacy Quad70 & Quad50 Downlight, there are several factors we will help you consider:

Light Output

We will assist you in the reselection of the most appropriate LED engine to replace your old product. Output efficiencies evolve and better over time, so we can now provide the same amount of light running at lower wattages.

Remember that the light you have now from your older Quad LED’s, is towards the end of it’s useful life and likely to be at least 30% less than a brand new product.

Cut Out Holes

Check the cut out holes for the existing product; each Orluna downlight model had its own cut out hole size, so measure the hole in the ceiling before reselecting.

Orluna Classic Quad 50 hanging from cut out hole

Beam Angle

Each downlight has a specific beam angle the light leaves the product. The Quad50 & Quad70 was typically:

Design Style

Style and trim colour are also important factors to consider. The Quad LED’s were typically a white or chrome finish, but there were many others offerings and RAL colours created.

We can help you select the perfect Orluna downlight replacements for your needs; get in touch today for more information.


The part of the downlight you see in the ceiling, usually round is the bezel. This visual part was fixed onto the hidden LED engine which was recessed into the ceiling.

The main choices were either a fixed bezel or a tilt and rotate bezel, which allowed for adjustability of the light direction at any time.

Some of the style names were Detail Fixed 96mm, Detail Tilt & Rotate 96mm , Detail Mini Fixed 80mm, Detail Mini Tilt & Rotate 80mm and many others.

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature relates to how warm or cool the light is. As the years progressed the Quad engines were created using a wider choice of colour temperatures:

We can help you select the perfect Orluna downlight replacements for your needs; get in touch today for more information.

Fire Plate

The Orluna fire plate was supplied with some downlight’s as an upgrade, to give the product a fire rating. This was placed into the side of the LED engine, slotted into the fins of the heat sink, to protect the product from dropping from the ceiling for a certified amount of time in the event of a fire.

Orluna Quad Engine Fire Plate Installation Instructions

Power Supply

Each Quad downlight was supplied with it’s own LED driver which was the power supply. That would sit adjacent to the downlight connected by a short lead.

The mains power was connected to the driver and the current modified before being passed onto the LED engine.

The Quad power supplies were available in differing options:

How to Replace the Quad 50 & Quad 70 Downlights

If you do not have access to old sales paperwork then it can be difficult to know all the information from the product alone. Here are some tips on how to know the full specification of your Quad downlight could be.

Orluna Quad70 Engine with driver
heat sink showing the sticker which can found on the back of the downlighter – with the driver

1. Use the Product Sticker

On the back of the Quad engine there is a sticker with a code. Here are some examples explained:

Pictured above is an example showing the second version of the Orluna product sticker which shows ‘QUAD70 engine, 2938K and W363’

Pictured below is an example showing the original red/pink version of the 2012 Orluna product sticker which shows pen marks in prewritten specifications.

Orluna Quad 50 sticker showing product specification
heat sink showing the red sticker on the back of the downlight

Pictured below is an early Orluna brown sticker using an abbreviated product code that is not so self explanatory. For example, 5-C-29D46-W-44. Each number and letter refers to the specification.

Early Orluna Classic downlighter with abbreviated product code printed on a brown style sticker
Orluna brown sticker on the back of the downlight’s heat sink showing an abbreviated product code.

If you do have access to the original paperwork the accompanied the sale of the products, it may contain a product code to help reselect. This code breaks down the specification to assist in your reselection.

2. Use the Quad Downlight Product Code

So what does a Quad product code mean?

The product code describes the specification of your downlight. To help you understand what you have so you can replace it with it’s modern successort, let’s break down the code into what each section means:

Example Quad code: QUAD50 – DF- 2938 – 30 – ND – IP65

Orluna Code PartDescriptionSpecification
1QUAD50Light Engine – the lumen output
2DFBezel – choice of front plate
32938Colour Temperature – the light colour
430Beam Angle – how wide light spreads
5NDPower Supply Type – how it’s controlled
6IP65Orluna Bespoke Suffix for specification upgrades

Other Orluna Bespoke Suffix codes are:

Orluna Bespoke CodeDescription
F60 Minute Fire Rating
IP65IP65 Rating
LPLow Profile Heat Sink
RALAny Colour RAL Bezel
BCHBrushed Chrome Bezel
PCHPolished Chrome Bezel
NTNon-textured RAL 9010 Bezel
BAFBespoke Baffle Colour*
MOLEXMolex on Luminaire and Flying Lead with Molex
SPRSpreader Lens
HNYAnti-glare Honeycomb Louvre

Here is a copy of a Quad50 product datasheet showing the breakdown of the code in more detail:

Orluna Quad Product Code Explanation

3. Use the SP Code

Do you have an Orluna code that starts with SP?

Orluna have used SP codes to itemise all Special Product productions, for example SP3233 as seen below. If you have a downlighter with an SP prefix followed by a series of numbers, this will represent a build specification that was specialised, creating a product that was beyond the description of a standard product code taken from the data sheet.

If you have an SP code on the sticker of your downlight, contact us and we will request further details.

Orluna downlight with brown sticker showing the unique SP product code.
Orluna downlight with brown sticker showing a unique SP product code.

4. Use the Cut-Out Hole Size

The other most important factor is the cut out dimension, as it will be larger than almost all the currently available options.

You need to learn how to check a cut out hole size safely and carefully, so as not to damage the edges of the ceiling hole for the replacement.

Mini Recessed Tilt downlight with chipped plaster around the bezel from removing the product from it's hole.

How to Measure a Quad50 & Quad70 Cut Out Hole:

  1. Use your fingers to gently rock and twist the bezel, the front plate, to create some space between the bezel and ceiling.
  2. Gently pull and twist the downlight down into the room, it will feel restistant as there are springs inside holding it in place.
  3. Pull down enough to insert a tape measure across the hole and measure the internal diameter in millimetres (mm). Then push it back in place, it should want to go back and feel secure.
  4. Once you have this size, you can start looking at suitable replacements.

An Orluna Quad 50 price or Orluna Quad 70 price will be the cost of it’s nearest alternative to suit your requirements.

We can help you select the perfect Orluna downlight replacements for your needs; get in touch today for more information.

Quad50 Detail Mini Tilt & Rotate

Discontinued Orluna Quad Products

Here is a list of some of the now discontinued Quad engine legacy products with their product specification codes and diameter sizes:

We can help you find the nearest replacement to any of these products.

Colour Rendering

The earlier Quad engines were all 85 Ra CRI (Colour Rendering Index). However, the advances in LED lighting technology meant the Quad engines became available in a choice of the standard 85 Ra or a new 95 Ra CRI as an upgrade to a much high rendering of colours within a space or of an object.

The 95 CRI upgrade used the TM-30-15 system to demonstrate a more accurate measurement of colour rendering, creating a measurement of Rf90 Rg98, which meant a more natural colour reproduction.

This upgrade in CRI impacted the Orluna Light Engine choices.

The Ra 85 CRI was available in the standard Quad engines:

The option of an upgrade to 95 Ra added a suffix code “C” to the engine choice code.

The 95CRI Engines were:

Question Shortlist for Replacing Downlighters

These are the essentials questions we will ask you in the process of reselecting legacy downlights.


Maurice has the legecy style of the Mini Recessed Tilt, showing product code 7-MRT-40M46-W-BB-44. We investigated the possibility of a refurbished solution but this particular colour temperature is no longer available. We proceeded with a new Orluna product that required Maurice making his existing cut out holes a little bigger. He now beneifits from a very high colour rendering of 98% compared to his originals that were 80 Ra (80%) which was then industry standard.

Mini Recessed Tilt sticker image showing the product code using the Quad 70 LED engine.
Maurice’s Quad 70 Mini Recessed Tilt

“Just to let you know the installation was smooth following your instructions. The light colour matches the other lights.  It is slightly less bright but I understand from our previous correspondence, the only way to ensure an exact match is to change all the light fittings. Thank you so much for sourcing the lighting units and for the installation guidance.”

Best Regards

Maurice C. (December 2023)


The Orluna Quad LED downlights were a powerful and high performance lighting range, that are now nearing their useful end, having had many years of faithful service. The key to replacing them correctly is understanding the original specification and then selecting modern replacements that have similar form factor, power supply, colour temperature, cut out size and lumen output.

We understand the importance of getting these replacements correct and can help you on your way to finding the perfect Orluna downlight replacement for your needs; get in touch with Orange Lighting Ltd as Orluna lighting distributors today for more information.

*Please note that the Quad range developed over many years and regularly improved efficiences and outputs. All specific data points stated here were accurate at some point in their manufacture, but they may differ to your specific model you are considering.