Orluna LED Lighting

Orluna LED Technologies are simply the lighting designer’s choice of LED downlighter. If you are looking for high quality made to order LED downlighters and other useful supporting products, then we can supply just what your project deserves.

As an Orluna main distributor we welcome all enquiries

Who are Orluna LED?

Orluna LED Technologies have genuinely become a leading UK designer and manufacturer of seriously good professional quality LED downlights. From their Watford, UK offices and workshops, their teams of R&D, design, sales, customer services, assembly and dispatch all contribute to providing a service that we rely upon.

Orange Lighting have trusted Orluna’s driving passion to better themselves and their products ever since LED became a useful source of light that could become a genuine low voltage downlight substitute.

What do Orluna LED Do?

Orluna LED specialise in the very best of LED downlights but also apply their specialist LED knowledge into supplementary products like in ground uplighters, niche and alcove lighting, spotlights and trimless recessed lighting.

Orluna LED UK Distributor

Orange Lighting are Orluna lighting distributors and have been a leading UK supplier to the architectural & design community for well over 10 years as well as advising and supplying to the wider retail markets. We contributed to Orluna’s early development with feedback from our projects and were an early adopter of their product ranges.

How to Order Orluna LED Lighting

We begin by understanding what your project requirements are and as independent lighting consultants as well as suppliers, we are set up perfectly to determine the very best solution for you.

Every product is chosen and created from a wide variety of choices, tailor making each product to build an order that is suited to your project requirements.

Where to Buy Orluna LED Lights?

Orluna LED is available through Orange Lighting, supplying their downlight and lighting ranges primarily to the UK. We welcome all enquiries including from homeowners undertaking their own projects, business who want to buy direct, lighting installers and of course architectural and design specification companies.

Buy Orluna Lights Online

Orange Lighting sell Orluna lights and show their ranges online. Please send us your enquiry for a fast quotation and ordering service.

We believe the only way to properly supply Orluna downlights is to manage the building of the specification together with the customer before ordering. We believe there are too many options to choose from to truly create an online purchasing solution that works, so call us for a free consultation and allow us to quickly quote for the right downlighter for your project.

How Long do Orluna LED Orders Take to Make?

Orluna have chosen to offer a huge selection of component choices, so we can help you create the perfect downlight and in ground uplight solution for you and your project. With a quick turn around for standard items of 10 working days from payment, each order is built and labelled specifically for you.

Designers & Architects Specify Orluna LED Downlights Through Orange Lighting.

Orange Lighting assist designers in the selection of each Orluna product and provide a quotation service for the tendering process of every project. Use Orange Lighting to assist with the specification of the right light for your project and rest assured that we will manage the order diligently on your behalf no matter who ends up purchasing the chosen product.

Best Quality LED Light

Orluna LED specialise in creating very high quality artificial light from the most up to date LED sources available. The reason we use them for our own projects and successfully supply them to the most discerning of our clients, is because we know and have many years of proof that they have an expert attention to detail.

As LED as a technology matures, as lighting designers and suppliers we must keep up too. We rely upon manufacturer’s like Orluna to keep striving for better and make the improvements that are today’s breakthrough becoming tomorrow’s standard.

Orluna Circular Product Cycle

Circular Products

Orluna are committed to bringing immediate and radical change to the lighting industry through creating circular products. The planet is paying the price for rampant throwaway consumerism and, what’s more, less-economically developed countries are disproportionally impaired.

We all know that recycling is good, but being able to repair and reuse is so much better. That’s because whenever we recycle, it means melting down materials, transporting of those materials and creating new packaging for a new product. This all has an impact on the environment, whereas being able to repair and reuse minimises that.

So when their lights reach the end of their life, rather than recycle them, they are repaired and re-used. This is called ‘maintaining materials at their highest value state.’ It means components are ready for another life without further manufacturing processes and without impacting the world around us. 

How Do You Choose an Orluna Light?

An advantage to using Orange Lighting for your Orluna lights, is that we build the specification to suit your requirements. We will always do this on your behalf once we understand your needs, but it’s always useful to know more yourself and become a better specifier.

Brief Yourself on an LED Downlight

This video help explain some of the downlight jargon – what you need to know about the component parts of a downlight in just over 2 mins!

Choose the Product Body

Orluna offer a collection of downlighter, in ground uplighter and niche lights that are products designed to be the go to answer for specific lighting needs. For example, standard sized downlights, very small diameter downlights, shallow recessed products, adjustable lighting, fixed lighting, trimless recessed downlighting … the list is huge. We will help you find the right one to provide the light just where you need it.

Orluna Adjustable Downlights

An adjustable Downlighter will allow some movement from within the inside of the product, allow you to make adjustments to where the light will fall within the room.

Mina Adjustable LED Downlight
Mina Adjustable LED Downlight

An Orluna adjustable downlight typically has an 28 degree tilt to each side from facing directly downwards and usually allows the tilt to be swivelled too, offering a multi directional choice.

An adjustable downlight will have a ‘busier’ aesthetic compared to a Fixed version as the inner part that is the light source must be free from the outer bezel to allow it to move.

Lighting Design Tip: Choose adjustable downlights to help create accurate accent lighting by pin pointing the centre of light over furniture and pictures.

Orluna Fixed Downlights

The downlighter that is the cleanest aesthetic option. Simply the outer bezel and inner aperture to let the light out.

Dino Fixed LED Downlighter
Dino Fixed LED Downlighter

Fixed downlighters are usually the only option for higher IP ratings for bathrooms and showers.

Lighting Design Tip: Choose the fixed downlight for guaranteed uniformity of directional light, ie when lined up in multiples near a wall to guarantee the replication of the same shape of light on the wall.

Orluna Twin Downlights

The bezels of two downlights are combined to make a singularly shaped product that doubles up on the light source. Each twin downlight will use a power supply (driver) for each of it’s 2 light sources ie 2 drivers will be supplied.

Lighting Design Tip: Use twin downlights to create an impression of brightness on an object that would benefit from attention being drawn to it. ie near a painting. It will also widen the beam of light also useful for wider pictures.

Tiyo Twin Recessed Trimless Plaster in downlight in Ceiling
Twin Tiyo Trimless LED Downlighters in situ

Orluna Trimless Downlights

The trimless downlighter is plastered into the ceiling, creating a bezel free clean hole with the source and lens set back within the aperture. Recessed trimless downlighters require a thorough rigorous design for a successful outcome and Orluna have a proven range to choose from.

Lighting Design Tip: Using trimless recessed downlighting to create a cleaner lined clutter free ceiling. Ensure the lighting design is well considered as once in place there is no changing later!

Choose the LED Light Engine

Each product has a specific choice of LED light source that has been chosen to work perfectly within each model. Please note that not every product offers all these choices, refer to the product specification for more details.

Orluna Origin

The minimum high standard for Orluna, their Origin LED Light Engine offers a starting output of approx 650-700 lumens of actual output from the luminaire. Setting a extremely high base standard of 98% colour rendering with a red channel within the recipe of white light that is virtually perfect – rarely seen within LED downlighters.

Orluna Origin Natural

Orluna’s newest and highest quality light source, the Origin Natural LED light engine renders your colours with an unprecedented colour accuracy replicating the flattering beauty of natural light.

98 CRI / Rf98 / Rg100 from the Origin Natural LED demonstrate that these terms of colour specification are all nearly 100%.

Orluna Warm Dim

Orluna’s warm dim LED light engine has been thoroughly considered and designed, creating a light with a seamless transition from slowly warms up in colour temperature as the output of the light decreases whilst dimming.

For example, an open plan kitchen diner family room would greatly benefit from a 3000K colour temperature for food preparation and dining in, but once the activities become more relaxed and less light is needed, rather than having to turn this circuit off , it can be used to provide a warm more candle like glow of light.

As each light is dimmed, the full power warm white 3000K slides through to 1800K at it’s lowest dim – all at 98 CRI colour rendering.

Orluna High Output

Orluna have created a higher powered LED option to push more light out of some of their products without compromising on the longevity and lifespan of the LED. However it currently does revert to the previous acceptable standard of 85 CRI colour rendering with a typically low score in thw white light mix for the colour of red.

Luminaire lumens achieving approximately 850-900 lumens of actual light leaving each fitting depending on the beam width chosen.

Orluna Lopro

Some downlights just will not fit within the ceiling recess depth of the floor above and the back of the plasterboard. Fear not, the LED heat sink that accurately manages the dissipation of the heat that LED chips create, has been calculated to still run within warranty standards and be reduced in size. This together with other small compromises of depth of light source to lens allow a downlight’s recess depth to be professionally reduced yet retain 98 CRI and many other features.

Dino Lo Pro LED Downlighter

Low Profile Downlighter

Dino LED Downlighter with Low Profile Heat Sink Option to Reduce the recess depth of the fitting to fit into tight recesses behind the ceiling.

Choose the Colour Temperature

How to Choose LED Colour Temperatures for help on what a colour temperature is and how to decide on the best option for you.

Orluna offer these choices for some or all of their products:

Demonstration of lighting colour temperatures in degrees of kelvin, ie 3000K

1800K to 3000K Extremely Warm White to Warm White

Orluna have created an adjustable colour of white that warms up as the light output decreases.

Fantastic LED light engine that ensures the beam created remains stable as the product gradually shifts the source of light from a 3000K LED source to an 1800K.

Lighting Design Tip: Use where you want both a very relaxed light and need a brighter whiter warm white for more everyday use, such as open plan living rooms and lounges in homes and hospitality foyers.

2700K Extra Warm White

Orluna select specific LED chips with a phosphor coating that creates a pleasing extra warm white, typically used in areas where a relaxed environment needs to be created.

Lighting Design Tip: Choose 2700K as the main source of light in lounges, TV Rooms and general living areas including corridors and hallways.

3000K Warm White

Orluna have created an LED light source that whilst still a warm white gives an impression of being a brighter, cleaner light that 2700K.

Lighting Design Tip: Choose 3000K as the main source of light for residential kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Use 3000K general reception spaces and foyers.

4000K Cool White

4000K is the description of white light that is cool and neutral. This colour temperature is slightly more efficient that the warmer colours of white, offering more output for the same amount of energy.

Lighting Design Tip: Choose 4000K for areas where the impression of clarity is important, typically more functional spaces. Residential utility rooms and garages or commercial offices.

Choose the Driver (LED Power Supply)

Orluna’s LED lighting requires a power supply and they offer a selection of tested options to reflect some of the main protocols available. The chosen driver is delivered with the downlighter and will require connecting together during installation.

A DRIVER is the name given to an LED power supply that drives the correct amount of current and voltage to the LED light source. Most Orluna lights will come with your chosen type of driver as a complete product price, but look out for the smaller niche and in ground lights that require an additional power supply to be chosen according to their set up.

Non Dimmable Driver

If you have chosen not to dim the lighting circuit that your Orluna lights will be on then you can save some money by using a non dimmable driver with each downlight.

Mains Dimmable Driver

If you have chosen to mains dim the lighting circuit that your Orluna lights will be on then you you will need to use a mains dimmable driver with each downlight.

0-10V Dimmable Driver

If you have chosen to dim the lighting circuit that your Orluna lights will be on using a 0-10V or 1-10V signalled dimming protocol, then we will supply the appropriate 0-10V dimmable driver with each downlight.

DALI Driver

If you have chosen to dim the lighting circuit that your Orluna lights will be on using an addressable or broadcast DALI signalled dimming protocol, then we will supply the appropriate DALI dimmable driver with each downlight.

No Driver

The smaller lower output Orluna LED products will require to be wired in series when grouped in multiples, so a driver is not included with each product but will still need to be chosen and bought separately.

Wired in Series Drivers

Smaller wattage Constant Current LED sources, such as the smaller niche lights and in ground marker lights, can be grouped in multiples and run from a single driver. The chain of LED fittings will need to be wired in series.

Choose a Beam Width

Each product has a variety of internal reflector choices to create specific degrees of beam width unique to each product line. There are a curated menu of options for each product, with additional variations to help you refine how the light from each source is delivered.

The design of these downlights will maximise the users comfort by reducing glare as much as possible, by the use of a soft lens to hide the LED source together with a choice of beam width from the reflector behind it to steer the light.

Wash, Flood, Medium & Narrow Beam Widths
Narrow, Medium Flood & Wash Beam Widths (from left to right)

Narrow Beam Angle- Soft Light

Typically for the smaller in ground and niche lights, typically around 15 degrees.

Medium Beam Angle- Soft Light

Varying around 26 degrees, this is a go to beam width for a concentrated pool of light that is enough to great a good spread from an average domestic ceiling height and retain some definition between the other downlights.

Wide Beam Angle- Soft Light

Varying around 44 degrees, this is also go to beam width for a domestic applications, particularly where a downlight needs to also illuminate vertical surfaces as well as the objects directly under it, such as a kitchen cupboard door.

Flood Beam Angle – Soft Light

Varying around 54 degrees, a flood beam width is used to blanket light across a room. It creates a useful wash of light yet restricting the light to not go too wide and loose the useful intensity.

Wash Beam Angle – Soft Light

At least 60 degrees, a wash beam width is used to maximise spread over the importance of light intensity. Applications like wall washing from a limited number of downlight sources will use a wash beam width to spread the wall and it’s contents with a layer of light.

Ultra Spot, Spot and Narrow Beam Widths
Ultra Spot, Spot and Narrow Beam Widths (from left to right)

Ultraspot Beam Angle – Spot Light

A super tight beam width of 8 degrees gives incredibly concentrated lighting, so the output of light is reduced to allow the delivered light to remain comfortable.

Spot Beam Angle – Spot Light

A tight beam width of 10 degrees is a concentrated delivery of lighting with more output than the 8 degree Ultraspot.

Narrow Beam Angle – Spot Light

Around 14 degrees beam width, use the narrow beam option to pick out features and highlight objects.

Elliptical Linear, Elliptical Oval, Crisp Beam Widths
Elliptical Linear, Elliptical Oval, Crisp Beam Widths (from left to right)

Crisp Beam Angle – Speciality Light

Around a 36 degree beam width with a lens that sharpens the edges of the light beam, creating a more defined contrast between light and dark.

Elliptical Linear Beam Angle – Speciality Light

The delivery of light is longer than it is wide, typically 10 degrees wide x 45 degrees long. Useful for corridors or over long surfaces such as console tables behind a sofa.

Elliptical Oval Beam Angle – Speciality Light

The delivery of light is more oval in shape typically 20 degrees wide x 40 degrees long. Useful for over tables where a single source must deliver a better spread of light than a standard option would provide.

Choose a Bezel Finish

A bezel on a downlighter is the bit you see flush against the ceiling once installed. Typically an ‘architectural white’ with a slight texture to assist it’s blending into the surrounding white ceiling.

The standard option is white with many alternatives including metallic finishes and the opportunity to opt for your own choice of RAL colour. All variations from white incur a surcharge and longer lead times.

Orluna Bezel Finish Options

Choose a Baffle Finish

A baffle on a downlighter is the inner cylindrical bit you see going back into the recess of the ceiling linking the front with the lens of the light. The baffle indents the lens and light source back from the front of the light to maximise glare protection. Typically black in colour to reflect the least amount of light as possible as the surface closest to the light source.

The standard option is black with many alternatives including metallic finishes and the opportunity to opt for your own choice of RAL colour. All variations from white incur a surcharge and longer lead times.

Orluna Baffle Finish Options

Choose a Technical Option

A downlight must work hard to retain it’s integrity in sometimes harsh conditions, such as over showers, in spas and in locations near the sea. Building regulations can also stipulate technical upgrades and we offer a variety of additional options to cater for most requirements.

Downlights in Wet Areas

The Ingress Protection Rating (IP Rating) is IP54 as standard on downlights making them splash proof and suitable for showers and over baths where there is not a directional shower head.

An upgrade to IP65 possible making them water jet-able and acceptable to use in showers and over baths with a directional shower head.

There is even IP67 as an up to 1m submersible rating for a limited short time period for in ground uplighter products.

Downlight Fire Rating

The recessed downlight requires a hole to be cut out of the ceiling in each position the downlight is installed in and this can compromise a fire compartment. Options are available to upgrade to a fire rated certification with the use of a unique fire plate or fire hood.

Honeycombe Louvre for Added Glare Protection

Additional measures can be taken to increase the chances that the user will directly see the recessed lens where the LED light first leaves the fitting. This of course is the brightest part of the downlight and it can be shielded further with a black honeycomb shaped thin louvre that fits into the downlight after the lens at the base of the baffle.

LED Downlight with Frosted Lens

The frosted lens replaces the standard soft lens and will spread the light with a more diffused edge. The beam angles chosen will not perform exactly as stated with the soft lens, spreading the light wider. Use where you want to try and hide where the light begins and ends from the downlighter.

Emergency Back Up Packs

A downlight can be upgraded to a maintained emergency light source with the addition of a battery and convertor. The downlight can be used as a standard light source and if the power fails to the whole circuit (not simply turned off) it will omit a lower output of light for a 1hr or 3hr duration.

Downlighters with LSZH Cabling

A downlight can be upgraded to use a LSZH cable – a Low Smoke Halogen Free cable that replaces the standard PVC sheathed cable that will omit acrid smoke in the event of a fire.

Click Connectors

Contractor friendly connectors for a faster installation.

Orluna Downlight FAQ’s

Can an Orluna Non Dimmable LED Downlight be changed to be Dimmable after installation?

The good news is the LED source in the downlight is the same regardless of whether it is dimmed or not, it is the driver that needs to be changed and that can be done after installation. However, check with your installer what your dimming system is and whether it will allow such a change to the circuit and still work.

A mains powered switched lighting circuit will only need non dimmable drivers with each Orluna downlight and if the wall light switch is upgraded to a mains dimmable rotary dimmer then each non dim driver can be replaced with a mains dimmable one and still work as long as the dimmer switch is correctly loaded, i.e. de-rated adequately.

Why Use Orange Lighting to Buy Orluna?

If you are looking for Orluna Lighting, then Orange Lighting is the best place to start your search. We a distributor of Orluna Lighting throughout the UK. We specialise in trade relationships for professional procurement of lighting for projects but are equally delighted to assist anyone in their search for great lighting.