Video: Embrace Lighting Controls?

Video: Embrace Lighting Controls?

Is it time to propose – lighting controls?

Are your competitor Interior Designers or Architects offering it?

Are you ignoring a valuable source of revenue?

In truth many avoid promoting lighting controls because of their complexity.

Some have issues with conflicting standards and others with finding a competent contractor.

Most see the contemporary appearance of control interfaces in conflict with their more classic designs.

This week we commence a series of videos that tackle the technology behind the current scene in lighting controls.

In the first episode, we seek to define the opportunity and address some of the perceived barriers.

This short video features interviews with a leading interior designer and a controls specialist – we ask some straight questions!


In Association with Wandsworth Controls

Wandsworth Lighting Controls has been developed specifically to meet the need of high-end residential developments and luxurious hotels, where the latest lighting control capabilities and automation are required but also elegance and front end design quality.



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