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Lights Just Hanging Around

You may have noticed that we have become infected by a rash of retro utilitarian styled pendants – spreading across bars and commercial properties across the land. So what lies behind this trend?


3 reasons why clustering drop pendants work well. It creates form that is not restricted to a centralised chandelier / decorative fitting but covers a wide area. Varying heights of fittings has always been a contributing factor to successful layering of light – drop pendants of different lengths offer a relatively inexpensive solution for this effect. The deconstructed design of a decorative bare lamp on the end of a cable may sound crude, but in practice it offers a sophisticated style. The success of this trend lies in the no frills (but with flare) approach arising from frugal times.


5 tips on successful drop pendants Use a braided silk cable for the drops – keeping the honesty of a simple drop but with detail and a nod to the past. Try mixing up squirrel cage lamp sizes. Have fun with the cables – swoop them in bunches bringing the power in offset to where you want the lamps to hang. Daisy chain lamp holders off cables but be sure to use lamp holders that can take 2 cables. Don’t forget the ceiling rose needs a little consideration too!

Bar-6We do find ourselves following styles or at least being influenced by them in all areas of design – it’s often subconscious. Accepting this is a key step to freedom in design choices – embrace the charge of the drop pendant and make it your own. We have plenty of lamp, flex and fitting options for you and a whole host of free advice on Bar lighting schemes – just give us a a call…