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How many people does it take to change an LED Light Bulb?


If there is a subject destined to bore the typical reader of this newsletter rigid – its likely to be a conversation about maintenance costs? After all – I don’t see many financial managers amongst our circulation list. However, in my view the benefits arising from the installation of LEDs in terms of lower maintenance costs is an important issue and one which you should keep at least half an eye open to!

detail_mini_tilt_rotate_image_01Saving your customers money opens opportunities for you

Increasingly we are asked to justify the  cost of LED refurbishments. The good  news is that LED as a technology is easily  accountable and delivers savings that  earlier lighting technology failed to  achieve. Yet the reduction in the cost of    the upkeep of a building – is oftenoverlooked. In effect we hold the key to introducing our customers to a real return in investment over and above the benefits of energy savings.

Is this really our role as designers?

It’s surprising to me that although on the whole most understand that installing and replacing existing lighting with an LED source will offer a lower consumption in energy – many forget that this coupled with saving hundreds of man hours in maintaining light fittings – changing lamps – is a powerful tool in increasing the profitability to a business. The issue of maintenance is not solely for a commercial property – it effects us all.

4 factors your customers need to know

1. LED has long lamp and fixture life – 15,000 hours (fluorescent territory) to 50,000 hours. The amount of regular checking and physical changing of fittings is greatly reduced.

2. Capital investment is quickly returned – refurbishment projects are easily paying for themselves in 6 months and this time period is further reduced when maintenance savings are included.

3. Business disruption decreased – If we take a retail business or a premises with day-time public access – the cost of night shift maintenance can be astronomic! Maintaining an existing halogen scheme can cost two electricians and a ladder £900 multiplied by three visits per annum.

4. LED is an intelligent technology – Modern controls systems report back the status of a fitting and can predict failure rate by knowing the number of hours spent.

lens2A final word on aesthetics. LED and lower maintenance allows us to approach the challenge of high ceilings and areas of awkward access with renewed creative inspiration. This is especially the case in older spaces and interiors where many options have been constrained in the interest of work-access. I personally delight in the use of LED strips and miniaturised spotlights on beams and within alcoves and niches.

We have many fixtures available that offer ingenious solutions to LED refurbishments and a great deal of practical advice on the development of innovative lighting schemes that have low maintenance built in.

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