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Lighting: Finding the WOW factor

There is a time for decorative lighting. Essentially it answers a need that cannot expressed with concealed and architectural lights alone. Sometimes you need to make a statement in a space – focus the eye of the viewer and create a ‘wow’ factor. By its very nature, choosing a decorative light is a challenge, as you are faced with a bewildering array of opportunities. Of course we are governed by the notion of a matching style, and an idea of appropriate scale with the reality of a budget. Here is a list of what we look out for when choosing decorative lighting.

At Orange Lighting we approach the specification of lights from two angles; as both lighting designers and as expert wholesalers and re-sellers. This gives us a unique and in-depth view of the lighting market. We aim to source the perfect light for any project.


Our process of choosing:

Quality – always of highest importance. Lighting must be durable and has to stand up to an installation let alone a long future. We take time inspecting the fabric of not only the structure of the light but also the electrical and electronic components.

Price – we set out to offer a range to suit mid to high end budgets. (Naturally, we offer the added benefit of supplying lights at trade prices).

Design – we judge a light within its own genre i.e. traditional lighting – it needs to have an element that sets it apart from the norm. You can scour the net for ‘vanilla’ design – however at Orange Lighting we need to ensure our clients are receiving what they have come to expect from our online catalogue – a well refined product.

Scale – this often involves fine judgement. The guideline is – whilst avoiding being vulgar – decorative lighting is better when slightly over-scaled.

Stock levels – many ornate highly crafted decorative lights can take a long time to complete. We look for quick or at least reasonable lead times as much as possible to ensure choices can be used with a project’s cycle.

Finish – the integrity of the product is born out of how well it is finished. The perfection of its chroming or plating, the level of care shown in its hand finishing or turning with the absence of welded joints and the presence of hidden fixings.


Whether large or small it’s all in the detail. I subscribe to the eternal wisdom that in a majority of design decisions less is often more – however – when we do use a decorative element to our lighting scheme – it must be robust enough to work hard and do it’s job supremely well – it is as important as having good looks.

Ultimately – a decorative light is the most visible object in the room – it is the focal point, so it has to be flawless!

Keep abreast of trends and new styles in decorative lights – check the online catalogue at the Orange Lighting Outlet here