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All the World’s a (Lighting) Stage

tragedycomedyw3Lighting can have a range of moods and personalities. It can also play a whole cast of characters within an interior space. If the lights in a room were actors some would be demure shy and retiring and others loud and attention seeking show-offs.

Recently, wonderful new opportunities have arrived to conceal and embed fittings into the fabric of a building – allowing the light itself to become centre stage.

glint_situHowever, with the introduction of these new fixtures, I have not witnessed a trend to retreat back into the minimalistic style so prevalent in the 1990’s. This time we seem to be enthusiastically blending the highly decorative with a restrained play of light.

Often, there remains a need for a focal point – the star of the show – the chandelier or decorative pendant. In fact a chandelier’s impact is heightened when accompanied by a supporting cast of restrained wall lights, up-lights and down-lights.

On many occasions I have likened a lit interior to a painting. A good painter deliberately chooses a focal point, catches the viewers eye with a colour or the darkest point in the composition. As ‘lighting’ painters, we too need a focal point – a highlight or a low light that will draw the attention. A beautifully enduring technique is to use the decorative chandelier or pendant; it remains as relevant to our interiors now as it did in 17th century.

Solaris_Twin_situSo I call on you to be brave and keep embracing the chandelier, create wildly enigmatic focal points and yet consider a subtle palette of supporting light, so easily adopted now with the use of miniaturised LED.

Looking for inspiration on a focal point for your next project? Call us and we will be able to guide you through the alternatives that fit your requirements.