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Scouring for Bathrooms

Ever since the days I worked with Kevin McCloud there has been one recurring question. That is apart from “is Kevin a nice bloke to work with” and “is he the same as on the tele?”. No the consistent question is “where can I find a good selection of bathroom lights to choose for a project?”

Fact is the the mere letters IP44 seem to put both designers and specifiers in a spin! Certainly bathroom lights are seldom at the fore of lighting ranges and often suffer from less ambition when it comes to the design of the fitting. True – like the design of the space itself, bathroom need a subtle and sophisticated approach. However the safety rating needn’t hamper inspiration!

So in creating ip44.com I have scoured the planet surface to find the aesthetic and the functional. Its a pleasing eclectic exercise and it brings reward in the appreciation of all designers struggling with bathrooms and outdoor fixtures in a hotel, office or domestic scheme.

Remember I am happy to offer advice to anyone who needs push the boundaries of current fixture offerings. After all, the success of a lighting schemes is governed by an awareness of what is available – at the right budget and at the right quality. The service is free – we just ask you (naturally) to buy the lights from us!

Here are examples from the current IP44.com lighting world. If you don’t see a perfect fit for your current project – remember give me a brief and I’ll source one from the (ironically) dark and mysterious world of lighting!!