Light & Mood

Light has the power to change our mood.

Are you suffering from a late night boxset Netflix binge and are now paying the price?
Solution: you need some cooler white light to wake you up!

Are you finding it hard to relax after a crazy day at the office?
Solution: Dose yourself with warm whites of light to usher you into a sense of calm.

It’s amazing that as designers we have the power to harness this amazing insight into human behavior and use it for the benefit of our customer. Look at the applications of each colour temperature and ask yourself if you are utilising this opportunity enough? This isn’t just for the canny lighting designer, but all of us can do this if we fully understand how to control the colour temperature of a light source.

How Do You Control Colour Temperature?

A source of light will create a colour of light that will be measured as having a colour temperature. It has the measurement of a degree of kelvin. For example 2700K is a warm white. Now we are in the age of LED lighting, within the ranges of useful temperatures the manufacturers want to make, we have a wider choice of source of light to use.

VIDEO: Colour Temperatures

This short 3min video taken from our blog archive, explains colour temperatures and acquaints you with the natural colours that can be recreated within interiors by walking you through a range of colour temperatures.

LED: Bringing Outside Colour Inside

In this archived blog, with the kind permission of Chris Orange Photogrpahy (fabulous interior design photographer too by the way used by others within our industry), we inspire you to explore the wide range of colour temperatures by labelling stunning landscape photography with degrees of kelvin.

The power is in your hands! Explore the possibilities of enhancing the mood of an environment by using the right colour temperatures.

As a company we are committed to your education in lighting. Our longstanding blog of teaching and observations about lighting is openly archived online so please do use our valuable free resource.

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FREE TRAINING - never miss our articles

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