LED: Bringing Outside Colour Inside

LED: Bringing Outside Colour Inside

Would you agree that most interiors are inspired by the great outdoors? Perhaps highly functional environments are artificial. However indoor spaces that require ambience are mostly influenced by natural colours whether they are woven into carpets or feature in other soft furnishings and wall coverings. Back in the ‘dark ages’ or incandescent lighting, how these hues of colour were perceived was determined by the colour of the light ‘burned’ by the filament material. Tungsten and metal halide, for example, emit a range of differing colour temperatures and we were restricted to a crude colour scale loosely grouped around warm through to brilliant. LED fittings offer a full spectrum; a complete pallet with which to paint with light.

What if your next interior colour scheme would benefit from a natural light of dawn? Perhaps a prominent weft in a furniture covering would appear vibrant with a specific colour temperature? A restaurant with an intimate atmosphere may be complemented by twilight? With LED, the choice is yours and it is an essential consideration when determining the entire look of your design.

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Bathing a room in a specific colour temperature to match a natural scene is achievable with a little help from Orange Lighting in the choice of fixtures. I thought that some wonderful landscape shots, (courtesy of Chris Orange Photography) – together with their related colour temperature in degrees Kelvin would prove useful. Click below and we will send you a hi-resolution version – to help in the compilation of future mood boards.

Remember – when specifying your LED lighting – ordering through Orange Lighting comes with free expert advice at no extra cost for peace of mind!







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