Faceless Business

We are not a faceless business.

With regret we are all witnessing the decimation of the High St as the new world order of online sales just makes sense. Whilst in the Toy Dept in John Lewis Oxford Street recently, I felt that I was betraying an old friend as I became irritated with their lack of choice on the shelves. You could argue the retailers model of curating choice for us is becoming superfluous as we demand a world of options?

However, do we want to sleep walk into a world of faceless business at the cost of convenience? Acceptable maybe for home shopping but it’s crept into business to business sales.

We all know Astro Lighting? They have progressed over their 22 year history into an indispensable source of lighting. Their foundations were in retail which meant that their progression into the hospitality, contract & design sectors – all our bit – has seen them widely exposed to the retail forces of online sales. The traditional retail and trade price structures deteriorated into extinction and consequently we have a product many of us want to use but have very little in the profit to warrant the service we deliver. Prices have plummeted for all of us as the benchmark has been set by online box shifters – the faceless business – not design professionals.

However, we have great news. Astro, in an attempt to strengthen their sales in our market, have adapted their discount structures and validated Orange Lighting with Project Partnership status to the design community. They understand that faceless business is undermining their professional product and we are one of their ambassadors.

Our ethos is relationship first. We see you.

Our aspiration is to empower you with lighting knowledge, be authentic, treat you as individuals and value every engagement.

Do come to us with all your Astro Lighting enquiries and if their pricing online has caused you any issues, I hope we will all see some improvement in the near future.

The face of lighting is Orange!

(our thanks to Magritte for his paintings!)

New 2019/20 Catalogue just out this week – view downloads or order a copy

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