A real no brainer…

If you are not worried about climate change – you should be! In truth many of us cannot attach ourselves emotionally to the future. It becomes easier when you have children. I have five – so I have no excuse. In the world they will inherit – the consequences of our industrial age will be all too apparent.

If there was something simple that you could all do to help global warming – wouldn’t you do it?

A switch to LED as a lighting source can reduce a household bill to a fraction of the energy used. If 25% of a home’s electricity is consumed by lighting – LED technology can reduce the power used to a tenth compared to an existing halogen-powered scheme. According to the EU Premium Light Initiative – if 90% of households switched to LEDs by 2020 as a country we would save an equivalent of the yearly electricity consumption of Wales. The Energy Saving Trust have calculated that the UK could save as much as £1.4 billion on electricity bills a year through households replacing all the remaining traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs in their homes with LED.

That is simple and will have a huge impact – so why aren’t you doing it?

The current LED market share is a mere 7%. The UK especially is not on track to achieve the EU’s 2020 target and we are beginning to lag behind other European countries. Slow adoption and resistance to transition has been caused by a number of issues.

  1. Bad user experience due to low-quality early offerings.
  2. The perceived high entry price compared to conventional lighting sources.
  3. Lack of confidence in terms of the aesthetic lighting effects of LED lamps.
  4. Lack of knowledge as to the real and immediate benefits of a LED transition.
  5. Lack of UK government commitment to cause rapid transition.

It’s a no brainer

A switch to LED has no downside. The cost may seem a barrier – but not when you give it a moment’s thought. A £10 retro-fit bulb will pay for itself in a period as quick as six months. When you think that a typical house is burning 1000 watts (equivalent to a kettle) all evening long and mornings in the winter – suddenly you See the Light. You will also be saving the planet for our children.

See the Light

See the Light is an organisation that campaigns to promote the switch to LED in households and business premises across the UK. It is an independent – non-profit making group that asks you one thing…


Typically there are times when we think about lighting. When we move home, when we refurbish a room or even when we build a new house. This is the time to pledge to yourself and to your planet – switch to LED lighting.

You will start making savings from the moment you replace the lamp. November, when the clocks go back, is another time of the year when we think about lighting. If you are not planning any DIY – why not pledge to change all the lamps before the long winter nights. You will be glad you did when you see the bill in the spring. To hear from others that have taken the See the Light Pledge – and you can subscribe now.  We will send you a simple online pledge pack full of advice on making the transition. You will also be offered to add your names to the pledge Roll of Honour – which calculates the savings and the impact you and others are having on global warming through the See the Light Campaign.

See The Light Electricity Savings Calculator



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