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Orange Lighting Ltd – consultants, designers and suppliers of lighting

“Let’s start a lighting revolution”

Andrew Orange has seen the world in lights from New Zealand through to Sweden where he has taken an enthusiasm for illuminating interiors. His work most notably with Kevin McCloud has defined a career which has highlighted the need for a new attitude towards lighting both in terms of its use by interior designers and in the design of the fixtures themselves. Most importantly he strongly believes that customers should demand more from their lit environments whether they be functional work places or when enjoying a meal in an ambient restaurant.“I believe that with a little knowledge a critical public will drive the standards of interior lighting. The design community can be too wedded to convention on one hand and on the other too willing to follow a fad driven by the allure of a new material or technology”.

Originally trained and practised as an interior designer, his lighting ideas and recommendations are based upon his experience in both the specification and design & supply of light fittings. He believes the built environment at night becomes a canvass to paint with a pallet of illumination and wonderfully designed fittings, a key element in any scheme but more often an afterthought. Additional the single pendant light or the rigid row of downlighters seem the extent of peoples lighting options – when there are a myriad of alternatives available.

Andrew has been involved with the lighting for a multitude of prestigious buildings from high end hotel chains – Gleneagles, Devere Hotels, 4 Seasons Hotels and Resorts,Intercontinental, RF Hotels – Rocco Forte, Marriott, Landmark Hotels and notably a new Nobu restaurant at the Fairmont in Monte Carlo.

Closer to home Andrew also enjoys running his lighting consultancy projects in and around the Bishops Stortford area. He lives on the Hertfordshire / Essex borders with his wife and four children.